Thursday, March 21, 2013

Swatches: Milani Color Statement Lipsticks Naturals & Browns

Finally the last lipsticks of the collection, the Naturals and Browns! I am in love with Nude Cream. I also tend to not like browns too much on me, so some of these would have to be some of my least favorites, but maybe it's just my skin tone/preference.

As noted in previous posts, these retail for around $5.49 (varies by location), and can be found at most of your local drugstores. They are VERY opaque! Very smooth and pretty moisturizing for a lipstick. They glide on pretty creamy, but it varies by finish. There is also a light fruity scent, similar to watermelon or cherry.

25 Naturally Chic (Cream)

26 Nude Cream (Cream)

27 Dulce Caramello (Pearl)

29 Teddy Bare (Cream)

30 Candied Toffees (Metallic)

31 Bronzed Beauty (Shimmer)

35 D'oro (Metallic)

37 Chocolate Berries (Cream)

38 Double Espresso (Pearl)



  1. Lovely swatches :)

  2. You look lovely in all of those colors. Thanks, You helped convince me to get some of them. :D